This page contains the terms and conditions upon which your domain name(s) are be registered and to confirm the necessary authorisations. These apply to the registrant entering into (or extending) a contract with the domain registry (Nominet UK) as well as with Island Networks (Registrar) Limited.

The domain name registry is Nominet UK, an English Company, limited by guarantee. The up-to-date statement of the contractual terms and conditions are at [http://www.nominet.org.uk/registrants/aboutdomainnames/legal/terms]|here].

As members of Nominet and an Accredited Registrar, we need to draw your specific attention to the Data Protection aspects of this agreement as well as informing you that you would have a continued liability to Nominet, according to their current charges in the (unlikely) event that we fail to pay Nominet the required fees for your domains.

It is necessary for the registrant to agree to the above terms and conditions, and to particularly note any provisions with respect to personal data and the publishing thereof on WHOIS servers and the like.  The registrant must also authorise Island Networks (Registrar) Limtied, acting as agent, to enter into the registry contract on their behalf and to hold and process any personal data required.

Unless we hear to the contrary, we will automatically renew domains as they fall due.  Should the domain no longer be required, please ensure that you advise us and receive positive confirmation that your Agreement with us and the domain registration, will be cancelled.

If you do not pay the required fee within 30 days after renewal, we may suspend the domain name.

If you have advised us that you no longer require a .UK domain name we will mark it as "not required".  Should you wish to change your mind, you up to 90 days following its expiry to ask us to renew it so that you may retain it.  You are advised to request the expiry date when advising that you no longer want a .UK domain name as no notifications will be sent.

It is a condition of our agreement with you that the registrant, or anyone acting on their behalf, shall not undertake any form of "network abuse".  The definition of "network abuse" shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of Island Networks and shall include the transmission of unsolicited commercial email and any failure to confirm with the best current practice.  In the unlikely event that Island Networks considers that "network abuse" is taking place, it may suspend any services with immediate effect, and the registrant hereby undertakes to make no claim against Island Networks for any such service suspension.  Where reasonably practical, Island Networks will seek to contact the registrant to discuss matters prior to any service suspension.

Please note that we do not currently provide telephone support in respect of domain names and related services, and that any requests or queries should be made by email to the dedicated Support Desk email address we have personally notified you of.  (See also additional contact details at [https://www.channelisles.net/about-us/contact-us]| CHANNELISLES.NET]).

You are responsible for advising Island Networks of your current contact details, which should be done in writing and confirmed by telephone.

It is your obligation to ensure we receive payment for the registration services we provide. Although we will endeavour to remind you of this, it remains your responsibility to positively renew our services each year and make all relevant payments. If we have not received the agreed payment we will attempt to contact you by email and/or by letter.

If we become unable to contact you, either as a result of your not having provided current contact details, or through your failure to respond to our letters or emails we may discontinue automatic renewal of your domain names.  Domain names will be suspended either if they have expired at the registry, or if payment has not been received by us 30 days after the scheduled renewal date. Suspended domain names remain in quarantine for at least 90 days following  during which time you may re-activate the domain name by paying the agreed fees plus a small £10 administration fee.  At the end of the 90 day period Nominet may delete the domain name or we may do this. At our discretion we may transfer unpaid domains to ourselves (and pay any renewal fees outstanding) instead of deleting them, but we will not do this before the expiry of 120 days after the renewal date. You may restore domain names at any time before the expiry of 120 days by paying all outstanding fees.

We may request the deletion of the domain name earlier if the data validation appears to be in breach on Nominet's Data Validation policy.