If your domain name is registered through an intermediary, such as a registrar, reseller, or any other third party then you must contact that company in the first instance with any support questions or complaints.

If you have a complaint about the way that company is carrying out the task of registration or maintenance of your domain name, you must contact them and use their complaints procedure before escalating to us.

We have adopted Good Practice Terms, which sets out how we expect registrars to assist domain owners. Registrars are required by the Good Practice terms to publish details of a complaints procedure.

Ultimately, if your remain dissatisfied with the service you are receiving from your registrar, you have the right to change to a different one.

We do suggest that you use a registrar, as they benefit from wholesale pricing, and this means the price you pay is usually lower than the direct price, and usually includes add-on services such as nameservers, email, &c.

In order to transfer your domain name between registrars, you should ask the existing registrar to give you an 'Authorisation Code' which you should then give to the new registrar. The transfer will then happen automaticall and we are not involved. (You can also ask the new reqistrar to request transfer from the existing registrar, but this requires the existing registrar actively to accept the request).

If the existing registrar fails to assist you, or refuses to help, then you may raise a complaint with us. We will then be able to provide you with the necessary transfer code that is required you to take your domain to a new registrar. There is a small charge for this service of £10, in order to cover our administrative costs.