Delete Domain (Cancel Registration)

Your agreement to have your name(s) registered in the Channel Islands' Registry through CHANNELISLES.NET is an ongoing contract just like a telephone or electricity supply agreement. This means there is a continuing obligation for you to pay the Annual Fee each year unless and until you tell us that you don't want the name to be registered anymore by cancelling the agreement (or your agent tells us on your behalf).

Cancellation of the registration agreement and "deleting the domain from the Register" are one and the same thing.

Requests to delete a domain may only be submitted by (a) the registrant or (b) the registrant's authorised agent ( but only when they have been recorded on the Register as being so authorised).

Note for agents: Please delete domains only where your customer has told you they want the registration to be removed from our database and made available again so that anyone may register it (or you are otherwise legally authorised - such as by contractual term - to do so).

Delete one or more domains