Terms and Conditions for Domain Name Registration (GG/JE)

1. Applicability

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all registrations, applications for registration, maintenance, cancellation and disputes relating to internet domain names ending in '.GG' or '.JE'.

1.2 You agree that by applying for a .GG or .JE Internet domain name (whether or not you use an intermediary) and/or by continued use of such domain name, you will comply with the terms of the Registry's current naming standards, policies and these Terms and Conditions for Registration as may be amended from time to time. In the event that at any time you do not accept the Terms and Conditions which are in force for the time being, you must tell us this which will have the effect of cancelling the agreement and the domain registration.

1.3 These Terms and Conditions apply regardless of whether or not the domain name is registered (or is being applied for) through an agent such as a Domain Name Registrar, Internet Service Provider, or other third party.

1.4 No person or company is authorised to vary or modify the terms of this contract of registration for .GG or .JE domain names save that the Registry may update the terms and conditions which become effective from time to time whether on any future renewal or extension or continuance of the domain's name resolution service.

1.5 By making an application to register, by registering, using, continuing to use, maintaining cancelling or disputing a .GG or .JE domain name in the Domain Name System (DNS) you confirm that you agree as follows:

2. Registration of domain names

2.1 An application for an Internet Domain Name is an offer to enter into a contract with the Registry for domain name registration under these Terms and Conditions. Applications must be made electronically using the application facilities that the Registry may make available

2.2 You agree, upon acceptance of your application by the Registry to pay any Application Fee (where applicable) and at least one year's fee in advance for maintaining the name in the Internet Domain Name System (the "Name Resolution Fee").

2.3 Acceptance of an application to register an Internet Domain Name is at the Registry's discretion. It will always be subject to a fully completed application form which must be submitted electronically. Applications will normally be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. The Registry may decline an application and registrations should therefore be regarded as provisional registrations during the three working days following receipt of the relevant Application. Reasons for refusal of registration will only rarely be made available and release of such information is at the registry's entire discretion.

2.4 The minimum period for registration or renewal of service is one year.

2.5 The Contract of Registration is an agreement which will continue until either party tells the other that they no longer wish it to continue.

2.6 You will incur fees annually as set out herein.

3. Cancellation

3.1 Cancellation requests may be submitted at any time but you agree to give us at least one complete day's notice before the end of the current period of validity of the current Annual Fee if you wish to cancel your Registration. This notice must be submitted electronically using the Delete Domain function of our website or made electronically for you by your Registrar. If the cancellation notice is not received with the required notice period, the next year's Name Resolution Fee becomes payable in full. For domains that registered through Accredited Registrars, there may be an additional grace period.

3.2 In the event that you wish to re-activate a domain name after cancellation, you may need to re-apply for the domain name.

3.3 A cancelled or deleted domain name may be re-registered by any other party. We may,at our discretion, offer a former registrant a short period in which they have priority in submitting an application to re-register a cancelled domain name, but other than this, any re-registration of a formerly-existing domain name shall be treated in the same way as a domain name that has never previously been registered - that is to say, on a 'first-come-first-served' basis;.

3.4 We may suspend any domain if there are unpaid fees in relation to the domain. If you wish to a re-activate a suspended domain, a reactivation fee will be payable.

3.5 You also agree that we may refuse any application for a domain registration, or cancel your existing domain name (on giving you reasonable notice and an opportunity for independent review and appeal) where it reasonably appears to us that:

"the domain name (or requested domain name), in the hands of the registrant for the time being, is being used, or reasonably appears likely to be used, in a manner which could damage the reputation of the Channel Islands or any of them"

4. Accuracy of Register Information

4.1 You agree that is it is a Condition (as lawyers use the term) of the Agreement that:

(a) the information you supply to us is correct at the time of application and registration; and
(b) you will tell us as soon as possible (and in any event within 7 days) if at any time in the future that information changes.

4.2 You agree that the Registry may cancel your registration or suspend your domain name without notice and without any liability howsoever arising if it reasonably appears to the Registry that:

(a) there is a material or substantial inaccuracy in your registration information; or
(b) that has been any misrepresentation (whether by you or by your agent) in the process of application, registration, maintenance and dispute resolution.

4.3 Where there appears to be any other inaccuracy in your registration details, the Registry may notify you of such inaccuracy as follows:

(a) notice given to any email or other address recorded for you in your registration details or via your Registrar, any agent or Authorised Contact(s).

(b) following such notice, if any inaccuracy is not corrected or amended before the expiry of a period of 7 days after we have told you about it, we may suspend the domain name, and then (after telling you of our intention and giving you another opportunity to correct any inaccuracy), may cancel your registration.

4.4 It has become increasingly important that consumers need to be sure of the identity of traders with whom they might do business.

Accordingly,  where

(i) you use a GG or JE domain name as part of the URL or address of a website and
(ii) that website is being used for a commercial purpose,

you agree that it is is a Condition (as lawyers use the term) of our Agreement that you shall ensure the publication, on that website, in a reasonably prominent place, of such identifying information as may from time to time be required of commercial websites by English Law.

At minimum this needs to include such information as would be required of UK websites by the Companies Act 2006, including

(a) company name;
(b) postal  and email address;
(c) registration number
(d) place of incorporation or establishment (e.g. Guernsey, Jersey, England and Wales, etc);
(e) how to contact the business via non-electronic means; and
(f) the name of any trade bodies or professional associations that the business is a member of.

5. Reserved Words and String Patterns

5.1 The Registry may register domains for its own use or reserve domains for future use. It may also reserve other names after consultation with the Insular Authorities (the Islands' Governments). Certain words and string patterns may be reserved to allow for future expansion of the Internet naming system. The Registry may decline your application if it is for a name which is reserved.

5.2 Registration of certain string patterns (for example, those containing two consecutive hyphens which are used for internationalised domain names may be subject to additional conditions, special procedures or not accepted for general registration.

5.3 Where certain domain names (which because of changes to the registration rules and/or standards would not today be accepted for registration) have been registered historically, their registration and use may be continued indefinitely by the Registrant, provided all other terms and conditions of the registration agreement are complied with (in particular, the conditions regarding payment of fees and accuracy of information). Re-registration or transfer will not normally be permitted in cases where the Registry has cancelled the registration for non-payment, or other breach of the Registration Agreement.

6. Fees and Charges

6.1 When you register a domain name you must pay a fee for entering the name on the Register and for the maintenance of your name in the world-wide Domain Name System. This is due when the Registry accepts your application and annually thereafter. You may use an Agent ("Registrar").

6.2 The name resolution fee for the time being must be paid each year before each anniversary of initial registration unless and until the registration agreement is cancelled.

6.3 Once your chosen name has been entered into the Register, and name resolution service has commenced, the annual fee is not normally refundable.

6.4 Fees are charged annually (or at such other interval that we may from time to time permit) in order to maintain the domain name on our Register and in the Domain Name System. Fees are due on the anniversary of registration and remain payable each year until you notify us that the agreement for registration of the domain name is to be cancelled. We will then remove the name from the Internet Domain Name System.

6.5 Where you register a payment authority, you authorise and confirm that you want us to take payment by that mechanism for any and all subsequent fees which may arise under this agreement until expiry of that authority. If we hold a valid payment authority under which we are able to collect annual fees, we may do so but we accept no liability whatsoever and howsoever arising if we are unable to do so.

6.6 In the event that you have a number of domain names, any monies received are allocated against any outstanding fees on any of those names prior to being applied towards future applications or renewals. In other words, you must clear any and all outstanding fees before any payments will be credited towards any annual fees for a subsequent period or other registrations.

6.7 If any money transfer, cheque, credit, debit or other payment card that you offer by way of payment is dishonoured, declined or only paid in part, we may apply a charge not exceeding our external costs plus the reasonable administrative costs that we incur as a consequence.

6.8 You agree that it a Condition (as lawyers use the term) of the Agreement that you pay all applicable fees and charges arising under this agreement on time and in full.

6.9 Time is of the essence in all payments.

6.10 If you do not pay fees and/or charges when they are due, or if you pay them only in part, we may suspend name service for your domain name and may, at our discretion suspend name service for all of your domain names. In the event that we are intending to suspend name service for all of your domain names, we will normally give you 30 days notice of such intention.

6.11 We may revoke or cancel your registration (i.e cancel the Registration Agreement) if there are amounts which remain unpaid more than 30 days after they should have been paid. This right of cancellation for breach of the payment condition is without prejudice to our right to make a Claim from you (in Court if necessary) at any time for any and all amounts you may owe us under our Agreement.

6.12 You remain liable for all fees under our Agreement once incurred.

7. Warranty by Applicant

7.1 By applying for an Internet Domain Name in the Channel Islands Registry (.GG or .JE), you certify and warrant that you have the right to use the name that you have applied for, and you agree that you will fully indemnify the Registry in respect of any dispute involving the Registry (including the legal, management and incidental costs thereof) which might arise over the use or registration of any of your Domain Names.

8. Applications made by an Agent

8.1 If you make an application on someone else's behalf, you are acting as agent for them and you warrant that you hold continuing authority from them in this respect and you agree to indemnify the Registry in respect of any claim or dispute (including legal, management and incidental costs) arising from any breach or expiry of that authority and agree that the registrant you represent will be liable in respect of any false claim or dispute (including legal, management and incidental costs) that you breached that authority or that the same had expired.

8.2 When acting as agent (whether or not you are an Accredited Registrar) it is a Condition (as lawyers use the term) of our agreement that you must notify the applicant of all the terms and conditions and that you must provide the applicant with a copy of the current version of the Terms and Conditions as at the date of application.

8.3 When you act as an agent, including being notified to us that you are an "Administrative Contact" or "Billing Contact", you agree that you will be jointly and severally liable with the registrant for payment of all applicable fees and charges.

8.4 Upon receipt of an application by the Registry from an agent, both applicant and agent shall be deemed to have had notice of the Terms and Conditions. Where an application is made by an agent, any failure by the applicant to be bound by the Terms and Conditions shall entitle the registry to cancel the domain registration and retain any payments made in respect thereof unconditionally, regardless of whether the Registry's database has been altered to show the applicant's registration and/or Name Resolution Service has commenced and no right to refund of any fees shall exist.

8.5 If you are an applicant or registrant, you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any failure, breach of contract, negligence, breach of trust, or other duty by any agent or Authorised Contact where we have acted on their instructions in good faith.

8.6 If you are acting as an agent for someone else, including acting as a Registrar, and you find out that you have given us poor quality data you should attempt to correct the data. And if you know that a particular Registrant often gives poor quality data, we expect that you should take it up with your customer to stop that happening in the future.

8.7 If you are acting as an agent for someone else, including acting as Registrar, it is not permitted that you register domain names in your own name instead of that of the intended ultimate beneficial owner of the rights under the Contract of Registration. This is because this can cause major problems for the intended beneficiary such as not being able to make urgent changes in a timely manner.

8.8. So, when you receive a request to register a domain name for someone you must normally register the domain name in the customer's name.

8.9. We do recognise that very occasionally circumstances might arise where it is appropriate for something different to happen: an example of this might potentially be if you are a lawyer holding a registration on trust for someone else (express, constructive or otherwise). However such occurences are  very much the exception, and if this applies, you may only register the domain name in your (or your organisation's) name (a) with the explicit written consent of the end customer and (b) that you tell us who that is if we need to inquire, You should therefore keep written evidence of such consent. You may never use so-called "WHOIS Privacy" services that have the effect of concealing a registrant's identity from us.

9. Authorised Contacts

9.1 At the time of registration, or at any time afterwards you may notify us of additional persons, companies or other organisation(s) that are authorised to deal with us in respect of your domain name registration(s). These are known as "Authorised Contacts" and include your Registrar for the time being,  as well as any "Administrative Contacts". Authorised Contacts must be recorded on our database(s).

9.2 Where you notify us that a person or organisation is to be entered into our Register as an 'Authorised Contact', you confirm that any and all such Authorised Contact(s) is or are fully authorised by you to manage your domain name and registration and are able to deal with us, having the same rights and obligations under our contract as you yourself do, including the right to transfer the contract of registration to another party. However, we reserve the right to require the Registrant to confirm any instructions received from Authorised Contacts, at our entire discretion.

9.3 30 days notice of removal of Authorised Contact authority must be provided and the Registrar shall not be liable whatsoever for acting on any authority of a party registered as an Authorised Contact until such notice has expired.

9.4 You agree that you will not hold us responsible for any failure, breach of contract, negligence, breach of trust or other duty by any agent or Authorised Contact where we have acted on their instructions in good faith.

10. Billing Contacts

10.1 Where you notify us that a person or organisation is to be entered onto our Register as a 'Billing Contact', you authorise us by such notification:

a) to send any and all bills demands statements and/or all other communications related to the payment of fees and charges and any other sums which may fall due under our contract to the Billing Contact; and

b) you confirm that anyone you tell us is a 'Billing Contact' has agreed to be jointly and severally liable with the Registrant for the payment of our fees and charges.

c) If you have used a Registrar to register your name, we will treat that Registrar as being your primary Billing Contact, and it is not required to provide us with any additional Billing Contact details which are then entirely optional.

11. Amendment

11.1 You acknowledge and agree that the Registry may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice or consultation.

11.2 The Registry will publish revised Terms and Conditions on our website from time to time. Terms and Conditions are effective when published.

11.3 If we give you specific notice of a change to the terms and conditions, you are bound by the new terms a reasonable time after we have given you such notice (normally 14 days). E-mails sent to the e-mail address held by us for the Registrant and/or any Authorised Contact (including the Billing Contact, if any) are deemed to be specific notice to you, notwithstanding that we may receive e-mail failure notices in respect of that e-mail address.

11.4 It is your responsibility to ensure that the Registrant, and any Authorised Contact (including Billing Contact) e-mail address is valid and it may be grounds for cancellation of your registration if you fail keep this information up-to-date (see Section 4, above).

11.5 If we have not given you specific notice of changes, you will be bound by the revised Terms from the following anniversary of your registration.

11.6 If you do not agree to any changes in terms and conditions of the Registration Agreement you must tell us immediately, and cancel your registration.

12. Disputes relating to Domain Names

12.1 Registering an Internet Name does not confer any legal rights to that name and all disputes between parties over the rights to use a particular name are to be settled between the contending parties using normal legal methods. The Registry is aware that Court proceedings can be slow and expensive and offers the possibility of an independent Dispute Procedure (DRP) utilising a cost-saving method of on-line Alternative Dispute Resolution.

12.2 You agree that if the use of the name is challenged by any third party, or if any dispute arises under this Registration Agreement either the applicant or any other party may refer the matter to Dispute Resolution under the DRP, and you agree that in such event you will abide by the procedures specified by the DRP provider.

12.3 If an ADR decision recommends the transfer of a domain name, we will not transfer the domain name without giving reasonable notice of our intention and an opportunity for you to refer the matter to the Court. Court actions must be notified to the Registrar within 30 days of the ADR decision being published.

13. Unsolicited Email ('Spam')

13.1 It is a Condition (as lawyers use the term) of our Agreement that you must not use any GG or JE domain for the purposes of sending unsolicited email 'spam' or advertise any website or other Internet service which uses a GG or JE domain name by 'spamvertising'.

13.2 Any complaint about abuse of your domain in such a manner, which is made to the Registry and upheld, may result in the temporary suspension of service for your domain. In the event of this happening, you agree that we may give you such notice as appears reasonable to us in the circumstances.

13.3 Any subsequent 'spam' complaints, which are made to the Registry and upheld, may result in the revocation of your domain. If we intend to revoke your domain name we will give you reasonable notice and an opportunity to appeal.

14. Registry ('WHOIS') Data

14.1 In the course of dealing with your application or registration we may process personal data about you, or people you have notified us are agents, Authorised Contacts or Billing Contacts. We always process personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Law and our Data Protection Registration.

14.2 The Channel Islands, like the UK, have implemented data protection standards that are equivalent to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Further information abut Data Protection in the Channel Islands may be obtained from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (Guernsey) or the Office of the Information Commisioner (Jersey).

14.3 You agree that we may publish a limited subset of the information we hold about your registration(s), either on a publicly accessible website, or allowing access via a Port 43 ('WHOIS') server or similar mechanisms.

14.4 By registering and continuing to use your domain you confirm your informed consent to such disclosure(s).

14.5 We will tell you the extent of any such publication, and may give you an opportunity to have data withheld from publication. This is documented in a Publication Scheme for registration data, which is available on request, and published on our website. This may include your company or organisation name, if you have supplied it. We do not publish any personal information contained in the 'name' or 'address fields'.

14.6 We are committed to anti-spam measures and therefore do not intend ever to publish e-mail addresses. Nonetheless we reserve the right to publish any information if it is ever required for us to do so by applicable law.

14.7 We may allow third-parties to be able to contact you and/or your authorised contacts by indirect means, such as a web-form or other technical intermediary facility provided by the Registry but we are not obliged by this agreement to make such a facility available.

14.8 We may make a per-message or other charge to the sender for such indirect communication access. Such messages will be sent to the email or other addresses on file for Registrant and Authorised Contacts without disclosing these addresses to the sender. Please note that failure to maintain a valid e-mail address for the Registrant is grounds for cancellation of registration.

14.9 Other than the information we publish with your consent above, we will not normally disclose any other information about you or your registration unless such disclosure is in accordance with our Privacy Policy (which we will publish on our website and update from time to time) and/or in accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Law 2002 (RIPL) or other legal provision.

14.10 For the avoidance of doubt, you agree that we may disclose your registration data to any legal or natural person or Authority which reasonably appears to have a Legitimate Interest in receiving the information, such as law enforcement, regulatory authorities, persons acting on behalf of intellectual property rightsholders and persons who appear reasonably to be in contemplation of legal proceedings (whether by way of court proceedings, arbitration/DRS or otherwise) or other dispute.

15. Use of domain names for criminal or illegal purposes

15.1 It is a Condition (as lawyers use the term) of our Agreement that you do not use, or permit the use, of any GG or JE domain for illegal or unlawful purposes.

15.2 If it reasonably appears to the Registry in consultation with its own legal advisers, and/or the relevant Insular Authorities (for example, members of the Channel Islands Governmental Advisory Committee on Domain Names and the Internet, the Law Officers of the Crown in either Bailiwick or the Islands' police forces) that a domain name is being used in contravention of the law of any of the British Islands, or to promote or assist such contravention, the Registry (whether using its own discretion or upon receiving a complaint about use of a domain for such purposes) may suspend or cancel the domain without notice, or by giving such notice as appears to be reasonable to the Registry in the circumstances.

15.3  Here in the Channel Islands there is considerable uncertainty regarding the legal position in respect of encouraging suicide. (In England and Wales, encouraging someone to suicide is a criminal offence under the Suicide Act 1961, amended 2009).

15.4  Accordingly, you explicity agree that it is a Condition (as lawyers use the term) that you will not use, or allow the use of a .GG or JE domain name in connection with any website that promotes, encourages or assists someone to commit suicide. 

15.5  If it reasonably appears to the Registry that a domain name is being used in such a manner, we may suspend or cancel the domain without notice, or by giving such notice as appears to be reasonable to the Registry in the circumstances.

16. Limitation of Liability

16.1  All liability of the Company (except for personal injury or death or fraudulent misrepresentation) is excluded and you agree that the maximum remedy or award (if any) available in respect of any domain name registration against us shall be the cost of the current year's annual Name Resolution fee.

17. Choice of Law/Governing Law and Jurisdiction

17.1  You agree that our Registration Agreement shall be governed in all respects by, and construed in accordance with English Law.

17.2  You agree that our Registration Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Technology and Construction Court in London, subject to paragraphs 17.2.1, 17.2.2 and 17.2.3

17.2.1  If your principal place of business or residence is in the Bailiwick of Jersey, you may elect at any time that Jersey jurisdiction applies and the Royal Court at St Helier shall have sole jurisdiction which shall apply from the date of that election.

17.2.2  If your principal place of business or residence is in the Bailiwick of Guernsey , you may elect at any time that Guernsey jurisdiction applies and the Royal Court at St Peter-Port shall have sole jurisdiction which shall apply from the date of that election.

17.2.3 In respect of any claim for debt in which we are the Claimant:

(i) If your principal place of business or residence is in the Bailiwick of Jersey, the above Jersey jurisdiction shall apply;

(ii) If your principal place of business or residence is in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the above Guernsey jurisdiction shall apply;

(iii) If your principal place of business or residence is any place other than in the Bailiwick of Guernsey or Bailiwick of Jersey, we may, upon written notice to the Defendant and the Court concerned, issue proceedings and grant jurisdiction to the Courts of any of the British Islands, or any country or territory where the Registrant or Billing Contact has a residence or a place of business. Upon such notice you consent, submit and agree to that jurisdiction having jurisdiction and hereby waive any right to contest that jurisdiction. You further consent that substituted service to the email address and postal address on file for the Registrant at any time during which the debt arose shall apply and you consent to service in such manner and agree that such services shall be good and valid service;

(iv) you also agree and consent that any challenge to any award to us in relation to that debt shall be heard in the place of the aforesaid jurisdiction; i.e. if your principal place of business or residence is in the Bailiwick of Jersey, any challenge to any award to us in relation to that debt must be made in the Jersey Court,  If your principal place of business or residence is in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, any challenge to the debt must be made in the Guernsey Court, and If your principal place of business or residence is elsewhere any challenge to any award to us in relation to that debt must be made in the English County Court.

(v) You also agree that any award to us in relation to that debt may be enforced against you in any Court of any jurisdiction.

Geographic Scope of Service

17.5 The internet is global in nature, and .GG and .JE names work world-wide.

17.6 In general, there are no restrictions whatsoever as to who may register and/or use .GG and .JE internet names, but, in line with increased concern about harmful activity on the internet, it is important that we are sure of the identity of those with whom we have an Agreement (i.e. our Registrants) and it is a Condition (as lawyers use the term) that you provide us with accurate information, and keep it up-to-date.

17.7. In some circumstances, we may come to be under legal restrictions as to whom we may deal with. If the Registrant (or ultimate beneficial owner of the rights under the contract of registration) is a such a person, we may restrict, suspend or cancel registration or DNS service and/or refuse applications for registration. In addition, if you are a person, company or other organisation who is under any UK, EU or US (e.g. OFAC) restrictions of any kind, we may restrict, suspend or cancel registration or DNS service and/or refuse applications for registration

17.8 Furthermore, where a Registrant (or ultimate beneficial owner of the rights under the contract of registration) is located in a country or territory which has been suspended or restricted from participation in any recognised international domain name forum (such as ICANN, CENTR, APTLD etc), then we may, at our discretion, restrict or suspend registration or DNS service, or refuse registration.

17.9 We may adopt different rules for different classes of registrants/beneficial owners (e.g. as between natural persons and legal persons).

18. Surviving Clauses

18.1 The following shall survive termination of this Contract:

a) Any obligation to make payment to or indemnify the Registry;
b) All warranties to the Registry;
c) Sections 6 to 9 (inclusive), Section 10.1, Section 14, Sections 17 to 20 (inclusive), and the definitions.

19. Entire Agreement

19.1 The Registration Agreement in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions is the complete and exclusive agreement between the applicant and the Registry regarding domain names registered under the .GG or .JE  suffixes.. It supersedes, and its terms govern, all prior proposals, agreements, representations, or other communications between the parties.

20. Notices

20.1 You agree that notices in respect of our contract with you may be sent to the Registrant or to any person you have notified as an Authorised Contact and/or (in any matter relating to monies owed) Billing Contact.

20.2 You also agree we may send such notices by electronic mail and that any emailed notice will be effective when we have sent it.

20.3 Any notices you send to us under this Agreement may be sent by electronic mail but you agree that emailed notice to us will not be effective unless it is (a) sent to our supportdesk address, and (b) is confirmed by a notice in writing sent by post which must arrive at our normal place of business and/or our Registered Office within 7 days thereafter.

21. Definitions

21.1 The following words will have specific meanings in this Agreement, unless a different meaning is contained in Interpretation (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 1948 in which case that meaning shall be used.

a) 'agent' - Someone who you authorise to act on your behalf in dealing with us

b) 'Authorised Contact' - Someone who you authorise to act as your agent in dealing with us and we have recorded as such on our Register.

c) "British Islands" - has the meanings specified in the Interpretation (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 1948

d) 'cancel' - Cancelling this contract and your domain registration are the same thing. The contract ends. The domain name will be deleted, will no longer work as part of a website or e-mail address, and will be released to be registered again under our rules.

e) 'correct' - This means that the information must be good enough to allow us to contact you quickly at any reasonable time without having to get information from anywhere else, must not be deceptive, and (if possible for that type of information) must clearly identify you. For your name this also means that the information must be detailed enough that we can tell exactly who you are (in legal terms, exactly which legal entity we have this contract with).

f) 'domain name' - An internet domain name ending in .gg or .je.

g) 'dispute policy', 'dispute procedure' - The policy and procedure of our dispute resolution service.

h) 'EEA' - The European Economic Area, which includes most European countries. (Countries outside the EEA may not have strict laws to protect personal information).

i) 'name servers' - Computers that provide specific translation information in the domain name system.

j) 'notify' - Serving notice to you, your agent, authorised representative, notified additional contact, or to us

k) 'personal data' - Any information about an identifiable living person (for example, your name, address or phone number).

l) 'register' - Our record of domain names and details about you, your agent(s) (if any) and other information we store and process about your domain name registration.

m) 'registry' - The entitity holding all registration records for domains ending in .GG and/or JE and operating the authoritative master name servers for the top-level domain(s).

n) 'rules' - Our rules which explain which domain names can be registered and which cannot.

o) 'WHOIS' - An electronic system which provides some information to the public about domain names.

p) 'we', 'us', 'our' - CI Domain Registry Ltd (registered company number 1850)

q) 'you', 'your' - The person who is entering into this contract with us and for whom the domain name will be registered.

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