Registering free domain names

As part of our commitment to the local community, we are pleased to offer to charities, good causes and not-for-profit organisations, the opportuntity to register and maintain a domain name entirely free of charge.

In order to qualify for this you must :-

(a) be serving the community in at least one of the Islands

It's entirely acceptable if you are an organisation that is registered or set up elsewhere, such as a national or overseas charity or society . . . just so long as you are active locally or have some sort of local presence;

and, in addition, you must be

(b) not-for-profit, and be either a recognised charity, a 'good cause' or a community or special interest group (such as a club or society).

Examples of organisations that have benefitted from our free domain name scheme are Scouts (, Cancer Action (, the Citizens Advice Bureau ( and many others.

In the case of other non-profit organisations that appear not to fall within the above criteria, such as trade associations, requests to waive fees may still be made, and will considered on their merits. The principal criterion we will use in such 'edge cases' is whether the ultimate beneficiaries of the activities of the organisation are essentially non-commercial in nature.

(c) use the domain name by (at the least) having an active website on it.

(d) choose a domain name that ends in .ORG.GG or .ORG.JE

To apply for a free domain you should use this form.

You may also request a fee waiver for qualifying domains that have been registered and paid for using our normal registration system. All you have to do is contact us and we will make the necessary adjustments.

PLEASE NOTE: We only provide domain name registration. Other services, such as email or hosting are not included. You will need to arrange your own services, including nameservers. However if you need guidance, we can point you in the right direction. (There are many hosting companies who provide hosting at various price levels, including some that are free of charge.)

For any registered domain, before your name can work, you will need to supply us with the "hostnames" (also known as FQDNs) forat least two name servers. They can either be included on the application form, or submitted on a server change form at the time you want your site to go live.

Examples of nameserver FQDNs are "", "", &c. NB: The exact information necessary to make your domain work can be obtained from your hosting company/technical support/nameserver manager.

Finally, please also note that "second-level" domain names (such as NAME.GG or NAME.JE) are always charged at our (or your registrar's) standard fees irrespective of whether the applicant is not-for-profit or not.