A Registrar is a company (or occasionally) a person who registers domain names for their customers. 'Accredited' means they have been approved by CI Domain Registry under the Registrar Agreement to offer registration services for .GG and .JE

Registrars often offer value-added services in addition to registering your domain name. They sometimes such as providing extra technical services needed to make your domain name work, including 'DNS hosting', 'web hosting', email forwarding and so on. These add-on services are is often 'bundled' together so managing your domain name may often be cheaper than just registering the domain and then sourcing the services elsewhere.

There is a wide spectrum of registrar offerings. Different registrars have different business models and pricing and we are therefore grateful for your understanding that in the interests of all our registrars, we are unable to recommend a particular registrar for your specific needs. We recommend you visit their websites and compare for yourself. To find out more about a registrar, you are invited to visit their website using the links below.

To find out about how to become a registrar, please contact us.

Please note that asterisked (**) registrars have a direct technical "EPP" link to the Registry system, allowing domain names to be registered and kept updated at any time of day or night without human intervention.