Domain Name Management

To be able to make changes to a domain name registration you must be someone who is authorised to do this and must also be recorded on the Register as being authorised. All requests have to be submitted electronically.

We provide a fully automated tool at MY.CHANNELISLES.NET to assist you in making changes. (Alternatively, there is also still the option to submit a manual change request ("ticket") using the links under the Manage tab, above.

Please note that we may not make any changes in response to requests in informal emails, or other correspondence

If you are the Registrant (or an Authorised Contact) but no longer have access to the email address that you recorded with us, you won't be able make changes automatically. This is because as we will be unable satisfactorily to confirm your identity without further inquiry. (If this is the case, please contact us for information on how to reconfirm your identity with us).

If you are not either the Registrant or an Authorised Contact you should arrange your the request to be submitted by the Registrant or by an Authorised Contact or, if this is not possible, contact us for advice.